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Raising awareness and respect for an 
exceptionally skilled and vital trade.

What are we Doing?

The Cleaning Profession is often a profession most marginalized.

The first step to building a healthier outlook of our profession is recognizing that there is stigma on cleaning & we know that we have already begun to defeat it by speaking out about these realities.We are bringing cleaners together - inspiring, sharing, educating and supporting one another. Together, we are promoting our industry as the skilled and vital profession that it is. We are raising awareness, recognition, & respect for house cleaners around the world. We are effectively changing the way both we & the public understand professional cleaning.

In today’s progressive society, where there is so much emphasis on equality, it is amazing to experience how narrow minded and uninformed we can be about certain aspects of our lives that are often vital to our everyday existence.

How are we Doing it?

All challenges have the potential to make us stronger, right? While acknowledging these stigmas, and false beliefs we have strategically designed and implemented 5 Projects of execution that are effectively addressing these issues and achieving the goals of our Mission- Increasing the Respect and Awareness of the Cleaning Profession.

Project Handmaid Family is all about supporting the facebook group, the Handmaid Cleaning Community, as the AHCA has been reaching out to cleaners from all over the world and for the first time given them a place to connect, collaborate, educate and inspire one another. The AHCA's Expert Marketing team is not only award winning but continues to be recognized by Facebook itself for their effective and powerful approach, utilizing cutting edge marketing tactics. The AHCA's Project Heart is combining the two most unrecognized facets of this profession, Skill and Need, by educating and inspiring the public as well as other cleaning service owners, sponsoring businesses and individuals to be recognized for gifting their services to those in need, as Servant's Heart Companions, while acknowledging cleaning is a need and while also recognizing members for their exceptional skill, integrity and professionalism as Not Just a Cleaning Lady Project members. Project Cleaning Advocates, is our project in constant development, always seeking what is best for this industry allowing for new and better structures of business tools, programs, educational methods, and other resources to those who work in this trade. 

Despite the pushback, we are calling out the aspects of these stigmas that continues to run deep in all of us.  A stigma that labels people as "unskilled" or "unimportant" by the very necessary trade & service they provide in our society. This is what this stigma promotes, forgetting the skill and integrity of who we are and what we do. This stigma can be traced back generations: from our mother's work, to Irish indentured servants and African slaves, and before the stories of servants could be remembered today.

This new generation is truly beginning to understand that these stigmas were and still are false. 

The Profession of Cleaning is a skilled trade. The Profession of Cleaning is a necessary trade. Professional cleaning is a healing and therapeutic trade, changing lives every single day. 

As the industry continues to evolve and grow we are excited to be coming together everyday bringing one another a sense of family, as a safe place to turn, sharing support, education and inspiration with one another. We are excited to be paving the way for the bright future of the cleaning industry Today!

                  AHCA'S MISSION PROJECTS

Love Giving Back?

Share your Story with us! You may have the opportunity to receive free press courtesy of The AHCA for the charity cleanings you are giving to those in need in your community!  This sharing of our gifts as house cleaners helps build up communities in providing charitable services, but also gives selected businesses an opportunity to gain a greater recognition for their services in their area. This brings about a deeper respect and awareness for what professional house cleaners do and how necessary our services truly are for our local communities by providing our services for those in need. 

How are you Spreading respect for our trade?

We want to know HOW you believe our industry can improve in the way of growth and respect for this skilled trade. Tell us about what this mission means to you and how it has affected your life as a cleaner and/or business owner in this industry.  By becoming a part of this movement and sharing your stories with us, you may be chosen to come on board for a #LIVE on Facebook, as well as given Promotional Recognition in your local area from our PR on facebook and/or other media outlets, to share more about your story, your struggles, your lessons learned and your overall accomplishments since becoming a part of this industry.

Key Elements to True Success.

Are you a leader who understands that success is something that goes far beyond your "title" or the number "zeros" on your paycheck?  You know that success is ultimately a mindset of betterment for oneself and the world around you, and a constant journey of growth! Have you already been sharing with others the tools you have learned to help them succeed in this industry? Do you want to give them more? Do you want to grow with this movement for the success of all those in our industry for generations to come? Join our Advocate Family and have the opportunity to become a shining member of influence to give greater opportunity and success to our industry as a whole. 

Handmaid FAMILY Mission

We Are House Cleaners! We are a community of extraordinary cleaning professionals. We are paid to clean houses. We are employees of cleaning companies. We are managers of maid services. We are cleaning & maid service owners. We are family. This is our home for a lifelong journey in the industry. Here in our community, we build each other up, daily. We help each other become better cleaners, & better business owners. We talk about strategies, we share tips & tricks, we help each other bid jobs. We share before & afters, wins & struggles. We talk about products & equipment & industry news. We are on this lifetime journey together!

We are on a Mission Together. Together, we are raising awareness, recognition, & respect for house cleaners. We are effectively changing the way we & the public sees professional cleaning. 

Coming together in our efforts, with unique and diverse ideas and innovation, helping our industry grow beyond the stigmas, by transforming the attitudes of our society that have always held this trade back from its powerful potential and using these struggles to make the success of our mission unstoppable!

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